Product Description

The product obtained from pasteurized milk, ripened cheese, rennet with different fat content in dry matter


Milk, salt, milk bacterial culture, stabilizer: calcium chloride, preservative, potassium nitrate.

Sensory Characteristics

Colour: uniform throughout the mass, slightly yellow to yellow.
Taste and smell: mild, aromatic, pasteurization aftertaste, slightly sour, slightly spicy in older cheeses
Consistence and structure: flexible, slightly soft, homogeneous, slightly hard is acceptable.

Physico-chemical requirements

Water content  %: max 43
Fat content %: min 24
Fat in dry matter %: 45
Salt %: max 2,0

Microbiological requirements

Staphylococcus coagulase – positibe cfu/g m=100 M=1000 n=5 c=2
Listeria monocytogenes in 25g – n = 5, c = 0; absent

n-number of samples tested in batch
c-number of samples giving results between m and M
m-value equal to or below satisfactory results
M-accepted threshold value above which the results are disqualified


For direct consumption and as a semi-finished product for the food industry

Information about allergenic

Milk with lactose, product may contain derivatives of eggs


Product produced in accordance with EC Regulation 1829/2003: EC1830/2003 does not include:
genetically modified organisms.

Shelf life

90 days from the date of introduction to trading at temp. from 0°C to +10°C

Condition of Storage

Dry, clean and well-ventilated place , free from foreign odors, protected from pests at temp from 0°C to +10°C


The product is packed in blocks, slightly flattened and slightly convex sides, light imprint of forms and plastic bags acceptable.


Marking of expiry date: best befor dd.mm.yyyy

Nutrition value in 100 g

The energy value: 1441kJ/347 kcal; fat content: 27g including unsaturated fatty acids: 17 g; – carbohydrates: 0 g including sugars: 0 g; protein: 26g; salt content: 1,3g


Means of transport should protect the product from damage, moisture and other harmful environmental influences.