Product Description

Milk product as a solid, soft emulsion obtained from pasteurized sweet cream or lactic.

Sensory characteristics

Colour: uniform, from light creamy to yellow
Taste and smell: clean, without foreign taste and odor
Appearance: smooth, dry surface

Physico-chemical requirements

moisture: max. 16%
butterfat: min 82%
pasteurisation: positive
pH for butter:
-sweet cream butter : 4,5 – 6,9
-lactic butter : 4,9- 5,3
fat acidity : max 2

Microbiological requirements

coliforms in 1g: absent, n=5, c=2, m=0, M=10
salmonella in 25g: absent, n=5, c 0,
Lysteria in 25g: absent
Yeast & moulds in 1g: not more than 50

n- number of samples tested in batch
c- number of samples giving results between m and M
M- accepted threshhold value, below which the results are disqualified.

Allergenic ingredients

cereals containing gluten – no
crustaceans and thereof – no
eggs and products thereof – no
fish and products thereof – no
peanuts and products thereof – no
soybeens and products thereof – no
milk including lactose – yes
nuts and products thereof – no
celery and product thereof – no
mustard and products thereof – no
sesame seeds – no

Genetically modified organisms




Shelf life

Not frozen, temp. + 2°C + 6°C expiry date: 39 days
Frozen, temp. -18°C – 22°C expiry date: 6 months
Frozen, temp. –22,1°C – 30°C, expiry date: 12 months

Storage conditions

Dry, clean, airy stores, relative humidity not more than 85%


Product is packed in blocks of 25 kg net weight, in cardboard with HDPE liner

Nutrition value

The energy value: 3075kJ/735 kcal, fat content: 83 g including unsaturated fatty acids 55 g
Carbohydrates 0,7 g including sugars 0,7 g, protein: 0,7 g, salt content: 0,02 g (sodium presence)


Means of transport should be dry, clean, without foreign smell and should protect from damage, moisture and other harmful environmental infuences.
Transportation temperature: the same as the storage temperature.