Product Description

Skimmed milk concentrate produced by evaporating of pasteurised skimmed liquid milk, only from cow’s milk, pasteurised,

Production, storage  and transport only in compliance with the regulation of food law.


Sensory Characteristic

Appearance, homogeneous liquid, without foreign bodies

Taste and smell :pure, specific, fresh, without foreign smell

Colour: smoothly, typical, white

Physico-chemical requirements

Dry matter: 34 – 36 %

Fat content: 0,20 – 040 %

Phosphatase: negative

pH-value: 6,30 – 6,55

Antibiotics(row milk): negative

WPN medium heat: 1,5 – 6,0 MgN/g

Purity: DISC A / DYSK A

Microbiological requirements

Total plate count: max. 30.000 CFU/g

Enterobacteriae: max. 10 CFU/g

Escherichia Coli: unverifiable CFU/g

Salmonella: unverifiable CFU/25g

Listeria monocytogenes: unverifiable CFU/25g

Staphylococcus aureus: unverifiable CFU/g

Composition of the product

Cow’s milk

Quality check

The delivered product is analysed immediately after receipt.

Shelf life

Best before 3 days,

Storage temperature

Temp. max. 6 ° C

Batch resp. lot marking, load number

Date of delivery, vehicle number, weight note, loading or unloading number, article number


Silo truck, only for food transport